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About Us

We Make You Globally Competent

Our Motto

Inquiry based Learning focusing on the student achievement making them as independent and able thinkers & also equipped with 21st Century Learning skills & expectations.

The philosophy

The founding philosophy of our GAEC is
  • We believe in the uniqueness of each individual &that no two children are the same mentally & physically.
  • We guide our students to become successful as well asresponsible global citizens.

Aims & Aspirations

  • To ensure our students succeed and excel in all the examinations with confidence &superior edge and become global achievers.
  • To provideparents a friendly, transparent and professional experience across the range of their interactions with us.

Core Values

GAEC’s core values are
  • Student achievement
  • The Creation of a Positive Learning Experience.

Our Team

  • All Our educators hold a Master’s degree in their respective subjects and have an experience of about 15years in coaching students of various curriculum.
  • Our educators were instrumental in making many students achieve highest ranks/grades in many competitive examinations.
  • The real strength of GAEC lies in the collective talent of exceptional faculty with international exposure and experienced working in diversified environments.
  • Our educators are highly qualified, experienced & dedicated professionals who work together as a team to ensure that highest quality of education is delivered to students.
  • All our educators have attended various professional development sessions to handle students with varied abilities in challenging as well highly diversified environments.
  • In order to be a part of continuous changing educational process, our educators regularly contribute scholarly articles to various journals in education. They are also associated in developing curriculum for various reputed schools and have been participating in teacher training sessions.
Regardless of student capabilities or nature of subject taught, we:
  • Complement students’ parental messages, cultural values and individual interests
  • Neutralize learned helplessness linked to prior failure and alienation
  • Encourage goal-directed motivational behaviour

Our results

I) CBSE 10 (2018-19)

Math- Minimum % of marks scored is 92% and maximum scored is 100%
Science- Minimum % of marks scored is 92% and maximum scored is 99%

II) CBSE 12 (2018-2019)

Math- Minimum % of marks scored is 87% and maximum scored is 100%
Physics- Minimum % of marks scored is 85% and maximum scored is 99%
Chemistry- Minimum % of marks scored is 84% and maximum scored is 96%
Accountancy: Minimum % of marks scored is 78% and maximum scored is 94%
Economics: Minimum % of marks scored is 74% and maximum scored is 99%

III) IB (2019)

Physics- 100% of students scored 6 and above, 85 % scored full 7 points
Math - 100% of students scored 6 and above, 82 % scored full 7 points


100% scored A* in Economics
100% scored A* /A in A chemistry
100% scored A* /A in Physics
100% scored A * in Math

V) GCSE O Level

All students scored A1/ A2 in Math , Phy, Chem &Economics

VI) GCSE A level

All students scored A /B in Math , Phy, Chem & Economics


100% scored A1 in Math
100% scored A 1 in Science
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