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From the CEO ’s desk

I welcome you to the website of Global Achievers Education Centre. It is established for the students at Singapore to learn effectively, develop a sense of self-esteem, and realize their full potential to become global achievers.

With the education gradually occupying the centre stage globally, trends along with expectations have certainly changed with more focus on child centred education inspiring confidence into young creative minds and encouraging them to walk on the path of achievement. We at GAEC believe that every child is unique in talent, aspirations and dreams; we shall practice as many learning styles as the number of students; All dreams to be fulfilled – all aspirations achieved. 

We endeavour to provide a depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding and at the same time prepare students for a world that is ever-changing. We assure that they are up to the challenge.

Our approaches are founded on best practices and established benchmarks, employing such methodologies as scaffolding of information, modelling, cooperative learning, and technology-enhanced instruction. We employ continuous assessments to track student progress and achieve targeted outcomes.

Our faculty understands the value of time in and outside the classroom. They are the frontline of support in our larger purpose. A highly motivated team of educators and complete attention paid to individual students’ needs contribute to the positive learning experience. I welcome all students to the all-encompassing and encouraging domain of knowledge vista of GAEC

We welcome suggestions from all in order to help our students succeed and realize their dreams. With a competitive aggression, power of concentration, zeal disciplined disposition, I would love to see our students become global achievers.

I look forward to meeting with you soon .
Dr. Satya Mohan



This educational centre is promoted by very well qualified academicians & business men who are dedicated to help student community to achieve success in a globally competitive world.

Dr. Gopal Rao holds a doctorate in Agriculture and is a person with enthusiasm to help educators and students succeed in globally competitive academic domain.  Although, he owns a successfully running real estate business in USA, he takes time to offer guidance and conducts special counselling classes to students& educators in helping them to achieve their goals. His deep interest in education and a desire to make learning easy & enjoyable made him associate with this project.

Mrs. Karuna (Accountancy & Economics) Karuna is an educator in commerce & economics who have about sixteen years of teaching experience in highly reputed educational institutions in India. She is well versed in implementing various teaching methodologies in the classroom to promote 21st learning skills among students and integrated technology into learning, & has designed & taught a set of competencies that are necessary for a student to master the subject of accountancy. In her sixteen years of teaching career she has rendered her services to reputed educational institutes as Educator, Department chair and also on advisory board of institutes of commerce. As a senior educator, she has conducted various programs to new recruits that emphasize the economics, finance and behavioural-science roots of the accountancy discipline, knowledge about research methods necessary for success in an academic career. As a part of her academic enrichment, she regularly contributes research articles in the field of management & commerce to various journals and also participates in educational conferences, and teacher training workshops. She is pursuing her doctorate degree in commerce after having completed M. Phil and Masters in commerce.

Dr. Satya Mohan is an educational consultant, specializing in curriculum development, gifted education and the academic and administrative management of educational organizations. In his professional career in India & USA, have worked in various academic profiles like educator, Academic Principal, Academic & Curriculum head in various reputed organizations. He is also a teacher trainer on teaching methodologies, assessments, Curriculum & Ecological model of a classroom. He has a deep understanding of the educational needs of students from a range of cultures and age groups as well as various curricula like IB, IGCSE, and CBSE etc. He holds a doctorate degree in Physics and is presently pursuing another doctorate in the field of education. Apart from receiving best teacher awards, he was also listed in Cambridge's Who's Who registry of 2010. As a part of his interest to integrate technology with learning, he is involved in variety of e learning courses and also as an academic advisor to few schools in India. He also has Co-authored a book titled: Classroom management - an Ecological model for secondary educators (ISBN 9781105627125) & contribute scholarly articles to various publications and assists in teacher training resource manuals for various teacher training courses.

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