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Strategies & Facilities

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Strategies & Facilities

Our approaches are founded on best practices and established benchmarks, employing methodologies such as scaffolding of information, modeling, cooperative learning, and technology-enhanced instruction. We employ continuous assessments to track student progress and achieve targeted outcomes.

Our strategy

  • Well-designed timetable to cover all subjects with an appropriate time for after class conference sessions.
  • Individualized teaching plans & customized worksheets
  • Regular homework, continuous comprehensive assessment and examinations at the end of each course with a feedback.
  • Meticulously designed chapter wise modules in each subject.
  • One further means of providing feedback on the progress of our students at GAEC is the Assessment which is performed in both skill and content areas.
  • Student progress is also reported during Parent Teacher Conferences, held once during each month .These conferences give parents the opportunity to hear about their child’s performance in detail.
  •  In addition, the parents will be informed about the child’s progress very periodically through emails/phone calls for achieving a greater degree of success by initiating a parent – teacher association.


Our UAP (Unique achievement program) has found to be innovative as well effective and will
  1. Focus and target skill building
  2. Build key learning, attention and motivation skills on continuous basis to improve student test taking and academic success.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Passionate, Talented, Highly qualified educators with international experience in India & USA
  • Our UAP (Unique Achievement Program) has found to be innovative as well effective
  • We follow PLP (Personalized Learning Plans) & Individualized academics
  • Scientifically researched Data-Driven instructions
  • Focused learning environment

We Assure

  • Guaranteed progress in 1 month
  • Quality and intensive coaching in all subjects employing the latest teaching techniques
  • Continuous monitoring of the progress of every child and take appropriate remedial measures.
  • • Considerable amount of time for consultations apart from the regular teaching sessions.


  • A well- equipped classroom with digital media learning systems.
  • Class rooms to ensure a safe &caring environment for student learning.
  • A mini Library which includes some of the best and most comprehensive learning material in all subjects
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